We help transition fleets to EV while developing charging infrastructure

  • Our bundled management services saves you thousands of dollars.
  • BizFleets drives down costs whether you have over 100 or just 2 vehicles.

Who is behind BizFleets?

Founder & CEO Tim Easterwood has built a team of experienced fleet management professionals. 

 This team of nationally recognized experts are saving companies millions, managing and maintaining their work vehicles.

New technology along with developments in the industry have unlocked new opportunities to drive down vehicle costs.

As a business owner or work vehicle manager you should be taking advantage of these new opportunities to drive your costs down. 

Where are the Savings?

Our experts use their experience and advanced tools to locate cost reduction opportunities in vehicle acquisition, financing, upfits, maintenance, telematics, fuel, consolidated billing and more!

Once these savings are identified, BizFleets will implement them and help you maintain the savings. 

Your company can start saving money with our free Basic Plan and extend those savings by using our Pro Plan.

 It only takes 60 seconds to schedule an appointment with a BizFleets expert.


Case Study: Oil & Gas Safety Company, Texas.

This company was eager to uncover suspected wasteful spending on their maintenance expenses and acquisition costs. They were already using advanced telematics and cost saving fuel cards, but strongly suspected further cost reduction was possible. Their suspicions proved correct.

BizFleets quickly integrated their telematics and fuel cards and added maintenance management.  BizFleets was able to use this information in partnership with the company to drive down vehicle costs. 

On The Road For A Lot Less


What Our Customers TELL US
BizFleets customers report an average savings of $6,000 per work vehicle.
What Our Customers Find
Our business customers save on average $6,000 per vehicle by participating with BizFleets!
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